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Software Consultancy

Best Management Information System

Best Management Information System. This includes programs for the following applications: * Order Entry * Purchase Orders * Letter of Credit control * Costing * Raw Material Requirements and Analysis * Production Planning & Control * Inventory Control * Allocation * Invoicing * Sales and Gross Profit Analysis * Accounts Receivable * Accounts Payable * General Ledger * Financial Statements * Bar Coding *Export Documentation 

Woven Garment Industry Software

Order Processing  :
*Order Sheet Entry * Bill  of materials fabric / Accessories * Purchase Order fabric/ Accessories *Goods receipt  Fabric/ Accessories * Reprocessing issue and receipts * Dyeing issue and receipts * Cutting issue * Stitching  issue *checking issue *ironing *packing *optional – washingissue and receipts And the relevant reports , mainly order status at ech stage of order processing.

Export Documentation :
* Invoice Preparation * ShippingBill * Annexure * Gsp   *Certificate of Origin  *Customs packing list *Detail Packing list  *Despatch detail  *Shipping Agentwise  *Drawback outstanding  *Bill of Exchange  *Quota outstanding  *Buyer outstanding  *PPE  *NQE  *FCFS  *Advance Licence L.C.Details  *EPCG Details. *Buyerwise packinglist upto 3 type  Order Status *Portwise Draw back  *Outstanding Country Wise and *Bankwise Invoice Payment and relevant reports.

Medicare Services Management

This online solution manages the resources of hospitals with details categorisation of doctors, patients, supporting staff and other resources with sound planning, administration and controlling tools. The platform is scalable with dynamic configuration and extension.

School and College Management

School and College Management System been developed to help the school stay ahead of schedule, save time, generate complex reports and plan future school policies.


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